Teak decking for Yachting program


TTectona Grandis, Teak for yacht decking

Tectona Grandis is native to south and southeast Asia (Indian teak, Indonesian teak, Malaysia, Thailand and Burma teak / Myanmar). First class teakdecking, used in various marine programs comes from Burma, that is why nowadays „Burma teak“ is a synonim for high quality teak. Its color is brownish yellow and over time it naturally weathers to a pleasing silver-grey, which serves as a natural protection.

Although teak wood feels soft and gentle to the touch of a hand, yet its structure is very strong and firm. In addition to relatively high strength, teak wood is also highly resistant to rot and fungi. It also has a relatively low shrinkage ratio, which makes it excellent for applications where it undergoes periodic changes in moisture. Due to being easily worked and its other unusual properties, teak wood is mostly used in manufacture of outdoor furniture and is practically indispensable in yachting programs, especially boat decking.

For some years now, our company has been cooperating with a few successful and prestige manufacturers of yachting programs, one of them being „ELAN Yachting“, which uses our 3-layer teak panel to produce boat deck tables and other elite yachts and boats interior and exterior.