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The project was selected for co-financing at the “Public call for co-financing the costs of digitization of sales channels and presentation and marketing materials for promotion in foreign markets”. The investment is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

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Naziv operacije: Modernizacija proizvodnje za lesno predelavo listavcev v masivne plošče za pohištveno industrijo.

Povezava na spletno stran evropske kohezijske politike: www.eu-skladi.si

Naložbo sta sofinancirali Evropska unija in Republika Slovenija.
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Three-layer panel

cross-laminated timber panel
troslojne plošče
troslojne plošče

The company I-Les Iskra specializes in producing three-layer cross-laminated timber.
A three-layer wood panel is a cross-laminated timber made of solid wood, in which the outer layers of wood are from the same tree species, and the inner filling layer of wood can also be from another tree species. To make the filling layer, the elements are joined together in both width and length, while the outer layers run along the entire length.


I-Les Iskra d.o.o.
Gornji Ajdovec 15
8361 Dvor, Slovenija


email: iles.komerciala@gmail.com
tel.: 00386 (0)40 201 144

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